Creepy Uncle Dunkel


Pilsner's creepy uncle. Dark and complex, the most misunderstood of all lagers. Dark Munich malts and a litle roasted wheat give this brew a rich, vanilla, and nutty-sweet palate with a dry, rounded finish. Unfiltered as always. Maybe it's the long decoction mashes or the 5 week lagering time spent alone in the cold... or maybe he's just a complicated dude?

5.4% ABV          18 IBU          1.010 FG

Potts Pils


Brewed in the style of the great North German Pilsners. Saaz hops shine through Bohemian malts to produce a crisp, dry-hopped, and citrusy beer. Unfiltered, Decoction Mashed,  Dry-Hopped, and lagered for 5 weeks. This ain't your father's pilsner.

5.2% ABV                 38 IBU                1.006 FG