This is Hefeweizen


Unlike every other beer we've brewed, this one follows some style guidelines. Why? Because in a land where big breweries produce bland, boring blonde ales and pass them off as Hefeweizens, something traditional needed to be done. Brewed with 70% weizen, decoction mashed, and open-fermented with hefe from Bavaria: This is Hefeweizen.

5.5% ABV            14 IBU                 1.007 FG

Victorious Weizenbock


Vic-to-ri-ous: Envincing moral harmony or a sense of fulfillment. Our pride and joy. Canadian wheat, German Munich, and Pilsner malts, plus a little Chocolate malt combined together in an open fermentaton. Fruity New Zealand hops compliment the melanoidins, spicy clove-like phenols and bubblegum esters. Rouse the yeast before serving or risk offending the brewing gods.

8.2% ABV

Pumpkin Pearzen


Our annual harvest ale combines handpicked local pears and pumpkins with the subtle banana and clove flavours of our open-fermented weizen yeast. Decoction mashing accentuates the malted wheat while cinnamon and nutmeg bring out the flavours of the harvest. Brewed to celebrate the Fall harvest on Vancouver Island, this brew is dedicated to our amazing local farmers.

7.0% ABV     25 IBU      1.010 FG