Creepy Uncle Dunkel


Pilsner's creepy uncle. Dark and complex, the most misunderstood of all lagers. Dark Munich malts and a litle roasted wheat give this brew a rich, vanilla, and nutty-sweet palate with a dry, rounded finish. Unfiltered as always. Maybe it's the long decoction mashes or the 5 week lagering time spent alone in the cold... or maybe he's just a complicated dude?

5.4% ABV          18 IBU          1.010 FG

Tranquility IPA


This is the style that started it all and We’re not talking about Olde England here, we’re talking circa 1990 West Coast craft brewing at its finest. Citrusy, resinous, and piney, this beer is a throwback to the pioneers of craft. Peace, Love, and Hoppiness

6.5% ABV            70 IBU                 1.014 FG

Retired: A Canadian IPA for canadian craft beer connoisseurs. Citrusy, resinous, and piney  it’s not arrogant or off-balanced just  unfiltered and dry-hopped.

Potts Pils


Brewed in the style of the great North German Pilsners. Saaz hops shine through Bohemian malts to produce a crisp, dry-hopped, and citrusy beer. Unfiltered, Decoction Mashed,  Dry-Hopped, and lagered for 5 weeks. This ain't your father's pilsner.

5.2% ABV                 38 IBU                1.006 FG

This is Hefeweizen


Unlike every other beer we've brewed, this one follows some style guidelines. Why? Because in a land where big breweries produce bland, boring blonde ales and pass them off as Hefeweizens, something traditional needed to be done. Brewed with 70% weizen, decoction mashed, and open-fermented with hefe from Bavaria: This is Hefeweizen.

5.5% ABV            14 IBU                 1.007 FG

Victorious Weizenbock


Vic-to-ri-ous: Envincing moral harmony or a sense of fulfillment. Our pride and joy. Canadian wheat, German Munich, and Pilsner malts, plus a little Chocolate malt combined together in an open fermentaton. Fruity New Zealand hops compliment the melanoidins, spicy clove-like phenols and bubblegum esters. Rouse the yeast before serving or risk offending the brewing gods.

8.2% ABV

Pumpkin Pearzen


Our annual harvest ale combines handpicked local pears and pumpkins with the subtle banana and clove flavours of our open-fermented weizen yeast. Decoction mashing accentuates the malted wheat while cinnamon and nutmeg bring out the flavours of the harvest. Brewed to celebrate the Fall harvest on Vancouver Island, this brew is dedicated to our amazing local farmers.

7.0% ABV     25 IBU      1.010 FG

Shatterbier Golden Ale


There are two new brewers in Victoria. One crafts his science with malt, hops, & yeast, the other with berries from the Coffee shrub. Kalen selected a coffee from Ethiopia with exceptional fruit qualities and cold brewed it to highlight this unique characteristic. Clay provided a strong, effervescent base and fermented it dry with Saison and Champagne yeasts. Inspired by the great fruit beers of Belgium, they look to re-define what it means to fuse these two great beverages. Bright, fruity and acidic, Shatterbier challenges preconceptions and dares to break away from the norm.

9.0% ABV

Tempus Corvi


A collaboration with local award winning homebrewer, Dave Janssen. Taking inspiration from traditional saison brewers of Belgium and revivalist brewers of North America, Tempus Corvi is a mixed-fermentation saison. We let this saison rest for 5 months in French oak wine barrels where the activity of a diverse collection of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts and lactic acid bacteria transformed the beer, adding sourness and additional complexity. With its bright acidity and light body, Tempus Corvi is a refreshing beer ready to drink now or be cellared for continued development along its own course.

6.4% ABV           N/A IBU           1.001 FG